OpTier Technology

Transaction-Based Application Monitoring & Big Data Analytics

Today’s application-centric marketplace has intensified the need for smart and simple application monitoring. In order to remain profitable and competitive, businesses must be able to catch, fix and prevent application problems before they impact customers. That’s where we come in. OpTier helps businesses monitor, manage and optimize the performance and availability of their Java and .NET applications.

A transaction-based approach to application performance monitoring (APM) is what makes us different from the rest and enables us to provide businesses with deep and unimpeded application visibility. Our patented Active Context Tracking™ (ACT) technology captures and tags every business transaction across the entire IT infrastructure, much like FedEx closely tracks packages from origin to destination. More importantly, ACT allows businesses to seamlessly integrate disparate application data to better understand how applications affect real business outcomes and user experiences.

Our industry-leading Big Data Analytics platform also relies on ACT to produce an integrated data source that allows businesses to generate instant business value without the need for a data warehouse or the time/labor of data scientists. OpTier’s transactional data helps you find the answers you need to manage the performance of your applications and your business.

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