Segment and Manage Customer Performance to Increase Revenue

Big Data Analytics for Profitable Customer Management

OpTier technology shortens the time to insight and enriches the quality of your customer intelligence. Business users can easily slice and segment customers by type and geography, and analyze their behavior across multiple touch points and applications. You can dive deep into behavior patterns like application usage, transaction history or any other data captured by any of your systems. The end result of all this analysis is the ability to compare the impact of slight changes in your own efforts and activities on customer revenue.

Other solutions promise similar analytics, but require you to provide fully integrated and clean data. That’s where OpTier is different. OpTier offers a simple way to merge customer transactional data across all the applications that track and store information. With other solutions, it sometimes takes weeks or months to get customer insight that you can act on. With OpTier, that data source creates the context across applications in real-time for immediate usage.

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