Manage Business Transactions

Ensure high-quality service for business transactions

Always-on businesses today rely on a multitude of interactions between customers, employees, partners and IT systems. Each interaction – a trade, a balance inquiry, an online purchase, or a tax-form submission – is a business transaction critical to the continued success and viability of the business. Today, the performance of Business Transactions is recognized to be the most important indicator of the health of critical applications.

OpTier APM and Big Data Analytics solutions are powered by industry-leading Business Transaction Management technology. It leverages patented Active Context Tracking (ACT) technology to deliver a true, end-to-end view of all your user transactions – in test and in production – by constantly tracking and analyzing the business-process, end-user and IT perspectives. OpTier’s unique business transaction approach to APM and analytics provides unmatched visibility and insight into performance with low overhead, in real-time and 24×7.

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