OpTier Big Data Analytics

Transaction-Driven Big Data Analytics

Data is the key to managing and growing your business. Unfortunately, most businesses are still utilizing the traditional (and outdated) approach to  data analytics. This approach relies on data warehouses, data scientists, and  complex data modeling techniques. As you can imagine, this is incredibly time-consuming, expensive & complex. This approach should never be used to analyze data that is captured within your 4 walls – it is a waste of time.

OpTier’s new, transaction-based approach to data analytics changes everything. We automatically capture transactional data, with low overhead (~2%), from production applications for the world’s largest brands. The transactional data we capture is saved directly from the executing applications. Our approach ensures you don’t have to spend excessive costs and time re-coding applications to capture the transactional context that OpTier automatically generates.

OpTier’s transaction-based Big Data Analytics circumvents traditional, expensive and time-consuming data warehouses and generate ROI of millions of dollars and months of time. Since we’re able to collect transactional context straight from the source (the applications), we can help businesses capitalize on nimble, holistic, and accurate data source known as Contextual Big Data to accelerate business growth, improve operational effectiveness and drive customer satisfaction.

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