September 17, 2012 - New York City

OpTier APM 5.0 Combines Real-Time Business Analytics, Transaction Context and Dynamic Deep Diagnostics in a Simplified, Single Solution

Bridges the Gap for DevOps, Business and IT

OpTier APM 5.0 maintains business transaction context across the entire end-to-end business service and provides diagnostic and performance data across critical data sources including end-user, machine data, process flow, tier container, application code, system and device, as well as assuring critical business outcomes. OpTier APM 5.0 changes the way IT Operations, development and application owners collaborate.

“Traditional silo-based deep diagnostic tools lack the business context that helps identify root causes of problems and prioritize business impact no matter which tier and how complex the application,” said Mark Thompson, CEO at OpTier. “The focus of OpTier APM 5.0 is to solve that pain by combining a horizontal business perspective with vertical deep-dive in a single solution. This gives a cost-effective consolidation and rationalization solution to replace legacy APM tools and to optimize existing APM and monitoring investments”

Key OpTier APM 5.0 Value Statements & Differentiators:

  1. Drastically reduce business risk with Business Transaction to Root-Cause in two clicks 
    Quantified Impact: 10x improvement in time to identify root cause with instantaneous understanding of business impact.
  2. Single APM solution providing application, end-user, deep dive, machine data and infrastructure monitoring with extensive reporting, operational intelligence and business analytics
    Quantified Impact: Reduce number of existing legacy APM and monitoring tools by 50% and lower current operational expense.
  3. No more guessing! Real-time change impact analysis in production
    Quantified Impact: 10x faster isolation of impacts associated with changes
  4. Self-learning, scalable and elastic architecture enabling APM capabilities across virtual, private cloud and on-demand infrastructures
  5. Only APM vendor to provide method-level root cause analysis for each business transaction in production
  6. Only APM vendor to provide Apache web server diagnostics
  7. Only APM vendor to provide a real-time living topology for each business transaction across all types of application middleware, ESBs, databases and message busses
  8. The only APM vendor to provide accurate real-time business impact analysis such as transaction, user or revenue impact resulting from bad method or failing SQL queries on any application infrastructure tiers

“Deep-dive analytics are getting a lot of attention because of the challenges IT groups – from development to operations – face in keeping applications running smoothly amid the rapid cycles of new functionality and releases,” said Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst at Ovum. “OpTier provides a solution that cuts through the silos and shows the business impact and context of outages instantaneously, exploiting the breadth and depth of its solution. Ovum recommends enterprises to short-list OpTier for APM needs.”

OpTier APM version 5.0 features:

Deeper Root Cause Analysis providing rapid problem isolation and accelerating service restoration

OpTier APM 5.0 delivers business service context with production-ready application deep diagnostics. A single solution providing business and application stakeholders with a clear business service “impact” perspective and enabling application support teams with rapid root cause and triage capabilities.

    Get application code, heap and state-of-the-art SQL visibility with almost ZERO overhead and NO application changes

  • Isolate slow methods, memory leaks and application hotspots prioritizing resolution proactively in production based on business impact
  • Enable historical and side-by-side comparative change impact analysis of application code, application tiers, end-users and business transactions
  • Provide transparency into traditional black box application components including Apache web server diagnostics and Flex frameworks

Smarter Reporting and Rich Visualization for Business Users

Aligning the various stakeholders around a common consistent set of application metrics is critical in today’s accelerated software development life-cycle. OpTier APM 5.0 includes extensive reports and visualizations to convey critical operational and business intelligence analytics in an automated, simplified, consumable manner.

  • ‘Single-Source-of-the-Truth” reporting and dashboards ensuring alignment between application, business and IT stakeholders
  • New Radar Chart provides increased insight to view operational and application data across multiple dimensions.
  • Improved transaction classification accelerates deployment and maximizes time to value assuring meaningful business impact.

Faster Deployment and Lower TCO

Reducing cycle time is a key priority of business and IT. Moving applications from design to production is critical to providing competitive differentiation. OpTier APM 5.0 is designed for rapid deployment to assure maximum impact with minimal resource and effort. Designed to execute on virtual, cloud and on-demand infrastructures, OpTier APM 5.0 reduces cycle time while improving and differentiating end-user experience.

  • Deep dive capabilities work out-of-the box with no configuration or resources required.
  • Dynamic instrumentation is self-learning adjusting for scale, capacity and volume.
  • Data collection can be easily extended providing custom logging and complex alerts.

OpTier APM 5.0 beta clients included the world’s largest SaaS company, largest mutual property and insurance, largest transaction processor and Fortune 1000 clients such as Wells Fargo, Success Factors (SAP), Enterprise-rent-a-car, Morgan Stanley, Amdocs to name a few.


OpTier APM 5.0 is available immediately. Click here for more information or call (212) 679-2700.

OpTier Extends Analytics to Big Data

Further showing its commitment to providing powerful Analytics, OpTier today also announced OpTier BDA (Big Data Analytics) based on OpTier’s proven transaction-based approach to APM. (Editors, please see press release titled “OpTier Launches New Big Data Analytics Solution” dated Sept. 17, 2012)

OpTier empowers businesses to quickly address key enterprise challenges in highly complex environments. OpTier's patented technology creates a single record from every customer interaction, regardless of channel or geography, without the need for application modifications. These customer interaction records transcend technical and organizational siloes, and provide a single source of truth for how customers interact with your business. OpTier brings the data to life with a new, real-time analytics solution and an award-winning Application Performance Management (APM) solution.

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