OpTier for Telcos

Accelerate performance, improve customer service & reduce customer fallout with Contextual Big Data

Telcos are relied upon to deliver the highest quality customer experience, including seamless online billing and delivery of real-time services. Unfortunately, the applications that Telcos rely on to provide service are often patchworked together from multiple vendors, and have only minimal operability and very little end-to-end visibility. This often leads to problems like order fallout, transaction misalignment and makes it impossible to extract complete data to help the business increase revenue through transaction analysis.

Over-provisioning of resources is common to provide insurance for the unexpected. Poor BSS/OSS system performance can negatively impact customer service experience and increase the risk of lost orders, and low customer satisfaction can negatively impact revenue generation.

How much would your company benefit if:
  • You could access trustworthy, complete data about performance?
  • You knew what services were consumed by which users and had most revenue impact?
  • Optimized customer experiences increased customer satisfaction?
  • You could be confident of successful order completion and avoid order fallout?
  • You were able to tell where transactions went and where they failed?

With OpTier, you can! Click here to learn about top 10 service delivery challenges for CPS and how we can help.

The Power of Contextual Big Data for Telcos

OpTier’s solution ensures that business transactions flow smoothly across applications and infrastructure and can be analyzed for business intelligence. OpTier takes a different approach than the siloed tools that you may currently have in place, by providing insight into complex multi-system transaction flows, and capturing the user experience, including how that experience is affected by different components of the infrastructure.

Using our contextual big data approach, OpTier helps you:

  • Reduce the time spent prepping and cleansing integrated data feeds
  • Reduce order fallout due to OSS/BSS misalignment
  • Reduce costs with optimized server capacity and minimized over-provisioning
  • Enhance customer experience with improved performance
  • Control and measure the performance of third party providers if invoicing and billing services.
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