OpTier for Retail

Accelerate performance and improve customer satisfaction with Contextual Big Data

If you’re like most retailers, you want to deliver a high-quality shopping experience while controlling operating costs. You know that poor application performance leads to dissatisfaction among your customers and lost revenue. Business transactions must flow smoothly without bottlenecks or outages, with visibility into critical retail applications and systems available in real time. Unfortunately, traditional tools often provide insight after the damage has already been done. And if you are looking to extract data to improve analytics, the amount of work in prepping and cleansing the fragmented data almost makes the work counterproductive.

These problems exist due to a lack of visibility. Your applications are more distributed and complex than ever before. Traditional tools only look at one silo or domain in your infrastructure. During the holiday season the negative effects of sluggish web performance or application downtime is even greater, and current monitoring practices are not sufficient to provide information quickly enough for an effective response.

How much would your company benefit if:
  • You could access trustworthy, complete data about performance?
  • Your store, CRM and inventory applications performed as expected all the time?
  • Real-time monitoring provided instant alerts when something goes wrong?
  • You could detect issues before they impacted operations?
  • It was possible to promptly identify the root cause of problems?

With OpTier, you can! Click here to see how.

The Power of Contextual Big Data for Retail

OpTier’s contextual big data approach provides visibility and control over business critical retail applications, including online catalogues, store operations and merchandise management and planning. In addition the data set Retailers have used OpTier’s business transaction-driven approach to attain the first true dynamic topology of applications, and speed up isolation/root cause detection of performance issues.

OpTier also provides insight into the behavior and performance of e-commerce sites, and helps you:

  • Reduce the time spent prepping and cleansing integrated data feeds
  • Eliminate outages of website and individual services.
  • Reduce the number of transactions that are abandoned due to slow performance.
  • Monitor end-user experience to identify, troubleshoot and eliminate problems and reduce customer churn.
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