OpTier For Financial Services

Accelerate performance, eliminate outages, and optimize capacity with Contextual Big Data

In the financial services world, your technology is mission critical to your business. However, your architecture (and data) is becoming more distributed and complex. Outages and slow applications can cost millions of dollars and create unhappy customers while leading to lost business. On top of that, it’s nearly impossible to extract the data you need to help the business make decisions that lead to higher revenue and topline growth.

Traditional tools only look at one silo or domain in your infrastructure. When problems arise in applications with multiple tiers, do you struggle to get an end-to-end picture of service or application performance? When you conduct an analytics project, how much time do you spend integrating the data from multiple sources?

How much more could your company make if:
  • You could access trustworthy, complete data about financial performance?
  • In just one-click you had complete end-to-end visibility into application performance across all your infrastructure silos?
  • Your trade, risk and pricing applications performed as expected all the time?
  • Your end-users actually complimented you for outstanding IT performance?

With OpTier, you can make it happen. Click here to learn how financial institutions like Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Markit already have!

The Power of Contextual Big Data Financial Services

Leading financial institutions are using OpTier in capital markets (trading portals, trading systems, trade settlement, risk management, pricing applications, etc.), commercial banking (branch office systems, online banking portals, payment applications, etc.) and other finance areas.

OpTier takes a different approach than the siloed tools you probably already have in place by providing one, always-on product for monitoring, analysis and analytics.

Using our contextual big data approach, OpTier helps you:

  • Reduce the time spent prepping and cleansing integrated data feeds
  • Achieve real-time end-to-end transaction visibility
  • Dynamically map application topology
  • Locate and isolate IT performance issues in seconds
  • Speed up business transaction performance
  • Right-size your IT capacity to cut down on costs and better handle demand
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