Our Story

Our vision since day 1 has always been about helping our customers find the truth in their data. And since our inception in 2005, we’ve been doing just that. We work intimately with global enterprises to help them improve IT and business performance through our award-winning Application Performance Management (APM) solution, Big Data Analytics platform, and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) capabilities.

What makes us different is our unique technology that traces business transactions across the entire IT spectrum. Similar to the way FedEx tracks packages from origin to delivery, this technology allows us to capture and exploit value from transactional data that travels through complex application architectures. With transactions in our DNA, we believe that transactional intelligence has the power to transform businesses and shepherd profound organizational change.

Our Active Context TrackingTM (ACT) technology was awarded a patent in 2011 and our market differentiation officially became immune from imposters and copy-cat competitors. ACT’s end-to-end transaction tracing captures key performance and business data and simultaneously integrates disparate, silo-based infrastructure components. ACT assigns meaningful context to transactions across the enterprise and allows users to seamlessly convert data into actionable business insights.

OpTier espouses a new market approach that connects three fundamental IT management tenets: truth, simplicity, and scale. These three words comprise the vision that drives our organization. Moreover, this approach allows us to embrace a philosophy focused on proactive APM, advanced operational and business analytics, and accelerated time-to-value. There’s a reason some of the biggest brands in the world trust us to solve complex business and technology problems.

We help you uncover the truth behind your data to radically improve business and application performance!

2013 OpTier Launches First Enterprise SaaS APM & IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) Solution
OpTier SaaS is a cloud-based version of the company’s award-winning on-premise APM and ITOA solution.
2012 Moved Headquarters to the Empire State Building
Capitalizing on our tremendous growth in 2012, we moved our headquarters to a bigger and better space in a premier New York City landmark.
2012 Released Big Data Analytics and OpTier APM 5.1
Our latest versions of our ground-breaking APM and Big Data Analytics software were released.
2012 Mark Thompson Named CEO of OpTier
Bringing his impressive resume and leadership skills, Mark Thompson takes over as the head of OpTier.
2011 Recognized as a Leader by Gartner in Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
As the only non-public company in the quadrant, OpTier is recognized for our innovative product and excellence in implementation.
2011 Awarded patent for Our Active Context Tracking (ACT) technology
Our key technology that powers OpTier solutions.
2010 Released BTM 4.0
Raised the bar in business transaction management
2010 Releases Complex Event Processing
Improved our analytics capabilities for transaction management
2009 Releases end-user experience monitoring product
Adds EUE capabilities to business transaction capabilities.
2007 Cisco, Pitango Venture Capital and Carmel Ventures invest in OpTier
A new era of growth is ushered in.
2005 OpTier releases CoreFirst the world's first Business Transaction Management solution
We transformed our vision into reality with our first product that created a new BTM market.
2005 OpTier founded
A new era of IT and business performance management/analysis begins.