End-to-End Business Transaction Management (BTM)

According to IBM's 2012 Big Data study, business transactions are the largest source of data. Business transactions represent the most complete form of IT data, provide meaningful context out-of-the-box, and serve as the connection between your business and your customers.

OpTier captures and tags every business transaction across the entire IT infrastructure, much like shipping companies closely track packages from origin to destination.

We take an end-to-end view of the business transaction – any customer interaction that travels through your data center, database, server, etc. – many times independent of the application so we can monitor the end-user experience, the business outcome, and more.

Simplifying Complexity

OpTier combines patented technology and powerful monitoring capabilities to deliver an Application Performance Management (APM) solution that excels in highly complex IT environments.

Built to run in complex, high-volume, production IT environments, OpTier monitors millions of business transactions for some of the world's largest companies. Whether it be capturing business transactions that flow between applications, across data centers or through convoluted IT architectures, OpTier can quickly covert application data into meaningful business context.

With OpTier APM, you can ensure that your transaction data is automatically captured (with less than 2% overhead) and saved. By tracing transactions across your entire IT infrastructure, we're able to help you:

  • Accelerate Problem Detection and Isolation
  • Improve IT Efficiency with Application Analytics
  • Understand and Optimize the End-User Experience

Proactive. Powerful. Precise.

OpTier monitors a wide range of IT functions including the web, end-users, applications, CRM and middleware. We also monitor IT technologies that constitute the entire application and business service such as Apache, Java, .NET, Tuxedo, PeopleSoft, WebSphere, and Oracle.

We're empowering today's biggest companies to find and fix application problems before they impact customers. Download our APM Technical Whitepaper to learn more about our powerful monitoring capabilities.

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